Gregor Molls is a designer ︎ and creative director based in Dortmund, Germany, specializing in projects within the art and cultural sectors.

Website and visual identity for Atelier Amore—decentralized art and culture association, 2024

Poster design for »DIE WELT ZWISCHEN UNS«—exhibition curated by Debora Ando, 2024

Publication »Tanz auf der Klinge / Hold Me« by Willehad Eilers, published at Kerber Verlag, 165 × 265 mm, in collaboration with Cyrill Kuhlmann (COPE Studio™), 2023

Exhibition identity design for the exhibition »Nudes – Radikal nackt« at Museum für Kunst und Kultur Münster, in collaboration with Kristin Snow, 2023


Animated poster for »PODEST – Polishing Views«—work show of the design department of University of Applied Science and Arts Dortmund, 2023

Editorial Design for »Paradies Scheitern« by Zora Mette, 170 × 225 mm, 2023

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